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Cytochrome c


Cytochrome c is a component of the Electron transfer-pathway (Electron transfer pathway) in mitochondria. It is a small heme protein loosely associated with the outer side of the inner mitochondrial membrane. The heme group of cytochrome c transfers electrons from Complex III to Complex IV. The release of cytochrome c into the cytoplasm is associated with apoptosis. Cytochrome c is applied in HRR to test the integrity of the mitochondrial outer membrane (cytochrome c control factor).

Abbreviation: c

Reference: MiPNet09.12; Gnaiger 2002 Biochem Soc Trans

Application in HRR: storage and stock solution of c

c: Cytochrome c (from equine heart), Sigma C 7752, 50 mg, store at -20 °C; FW = 12384 Da.
Caution: Chemicals stored in the fridge or freezer should be allowed to reach room temperature before opening.
Preparation of 4 mM cytochrome c solution (dissolved in H2O):
  1. Weigh 50 mg cytochrome c into a small glass beaker. Difficult to weigh, since the powder is electromagnetic.
  2. Add 1 mL H2O; c dissolves easily.
  3. Divide into 0.2 mL portions.
  4. Store at -20 °C.

» O2k manual titrations: MiPNet09.12 O2k-Titrations
  • Titration volume: 5 µL using a 25 µL syringe (2 mL O2k-Chamber).
  • Final concentration: 10 µM.

DatLab oxygen flux: performance and data analysis

Quality of the results are strongly affected by the performance and data analysis. By adding cytochrome c in respirometric experiments the outer mitochondrial membrane integrity can be evaluated (cytochrome c control factor). The following DatLab traces illustrate examples of cytochrome c addition:
See also: Steady state, Figures 1-3.


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SUITbrowser question: mt outer membrane integrity

The cytochrome c test is available at several SUIT protocols. The SUITbrowser shows which protocols contain this test, alongside answer other research questions.

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