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Bioblast alert 2014

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Bioblast alert 2014

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Bioblast alert

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Bioblast alert 2014(01): 2014-02-12

  • ISMM2014: X. World Congress on High Altitude Medicine and Physiology & Mountain Emergency Medicine, with a session on mitochondrial function at high altitude. May 2014, Bolzano, Italy.
  • MiP2014 - Joint IUBMB/MiP Symposium on Mitochondrial Physiology: This MiPconference will cover genotype/phenotype and structure/function relationships; focus on optimization of experimental protocols, quality control and normalization of mt-function; compare mt-preparations, experimental platforms and tissue/species specific models; extend networking of national/international organizations. September 2014, Obergurgl, Austria.
  • MitoGlobal Events 2014: Check out this year’s emerging list of world-wide mitochondrial events. Let us know about additional mt-events to be listed. In the spirit of positive feedback, please refer on your website to the Mitochondrial Global Network.
  • MitoPedia: Malate as substrate in respirometry – inhibition at higher concentrations. The type and concentration of respiratory substrates is important for the design of substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration (SUIT) protocols. 0.5 mM malate saturates CI linked respiration in combination with pyruvate and/or glutamate, whereas 2 mM malate inhibits CII linked (succinate+rotenone) and CI+II linked respiration, as shown in mouse heart (collaboration with the group of Sameh Ali), mouse brain homogenate, beef heart mitochondria, human permeabilized skeletal muscle fibres, dog permeabilized skeletal muscle fibers (IOC84), brine shrimp embryo (Artemia franciscana) mitochondria (collaboration with Steve Hand), fish liver and heart homogenates (post IOC80 training course).

Bioblast alert 2014(02): 2014-04-24

MitoGlobal UMDF and EUROMIT meetings are coordinated in June 2014 in Pittsburgh and Tampere - a cooperation in the spirit of MitoGlobal.

Publications in the MiPMap

Blood cell analysis - detailed protocols on diagnosis of mitochondrial (dys)function:

Van Bergen NJ, Blake RE, Crowston JG, Trounce IA (2014) Oxidative phosphorylation measurement in cell lines and tissues. Mitochondrion 15:24-33. » PMID: 24657935

Sjövall F, Ehinger JK, Marelsson SE, Morota S, Asander Frostner E, Uchino H, Lundgren J, Arnbjörnsson E, Hansson MJ, Fellman V, Elmér E (2013) Mitochondrial respiration in human viable platelets - methodology and influence of gender, age and storage. Mitochondrion 13: 7-14. » PMID: 23164798


MitoPedia: electron transfer-pathway versus electron transport chain

Bioblast alert 2014(03): 2014-06-10

MitoGlobal Bioenergetics and Mitochondrial Physiology: EBEC2014 in Lisbon, Portugal, Jul 12-17. MiP2014 in Obergurgl, Austria, Sep 8 to 12.

Publications in the MiPMap Bioenergetic/mitochondrial aspects of oncometabolism:

  • Galluzzi L, Kroemer G, ed (2014) Conceptual background and bioenergetic/mitochondrial aspects of oncometabolism. Methods Enzymol 542: 509 pp. »Link

MitoPedia MitoPedia: Stock-, storage- and working-solutions: How do they differ?

Bioblast alert 2014(04): 2014-07-07

MitoPedia: Enzymes MitoPedia: Respiratory complexes (CI, CII ..) - more than five

LEAK MitoPedia: Respiratory LEAK state: concept-linked terminology

ET capacity MitoPedia: Why ET-pathway, why not State 3u?

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