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Journal title and website bioRxiv The preprint server for biology


Scrima 2020 bioRxivbioRxiv Open AccessScrima R, Fugetto S, Capitanio N, Gatti DL (2020) Hemoglobin non-equilibrium oxygen dissociation curve. bioRxiv
Doig 2019 bioRxivbioRxiv Open AccessDoig CD, Zelinska AE, Oakey LA, Fletcher RS, El Hassan Y, Garten A, Cartwright D, Heising S, Tennant DA, Watson D, Adamski J, Lavery GG (2019) Induction of the nicotinamide riboside kinase NAD+ salvage pathway in skeletal muscle of H6PDH KO mice. bioRxiv doi: .2019
Lemieux 2019 bioRxivbioRxiv Preprint Version 1 Open Access
Version 2 (2019-06-11) in preparation
Lemieux H, Subarsky P, Doblander C, Wurm M, Troppmair J, Gnaiger E (2019) Mitochondrial respiratory function as an early biomarker of apoptosis induced by growth factor removal. bioRxiv doi: .2019
Abdill 2019 bioRxivbioRxiv Open AccessAbdill RJ, Blekhman R (2019) Tracking the popularity and outcomes of all bioRxiv preprints. bioRxiv
Postma 2018 bioRxivbioRxiv Open AccessPostma M, Goedhart J (2018) PlotsOfData - a web app for visualizing data together with its summaries. bioRxiv 426767; doi:
Sansone 2018 bioRxivbioRxive Open AccessSansone SA, McQuilton P, Rocca-Serra P, Gonzalez-Beltran A, Izzo M, Lister A, Thurston M, Batista D, Granell R, Adekale M, Dauga D, Ganley E, Hodson S, Lawrence R, Khodiyar V, Tenenbaum J, Axton JM, Ball M, Besson S, Bloom T, Bonazzi V, Jimenez R, Carr D, Chan WM, Chung C, Clement-Stoneham G, Cousijn H, Dayalan S, Dumontier M, Yeumo ED, Edmunds S, Everitt N, Fripp D, Goble C, Golebiewski M, Hall N, Hanisch R, Hucka M, Huerta M, Kenall A, Kiley R, Klenk J, Koureas D, Larkin J, Lemberger T, Lynch N, Schriml L, Ma'ayan A, MacCallum C, Mons B, Moore J, Muller W, Murray H, Nobusada T, Noesgaard D, Paxton-Boyd J, Orchard S, Rustici G, Schurer S, Sharples K, Soares e Silva M, Stanford NJ, Subirats-Coll I, Swedlow J, Tong W, Wilkinson M, Wise J, Yilmaz P (2018) FAIRsharing, a cohesive community approach to the growth in standards, repositories and policies. bioRxiv 245183; doi: .2018
Real-Hohn 2018 bioRxivbioRxiv Preprint Open AccessReal-Hohn A, Navegantes C, Ramos K, Ramos-Filho D, Cahuê F, Galina A, Salerno V (2018) Hexokinase: a central player in the synergism of high-intensity intermittent exercise and every-other-day intermittent fasting regimen on energy metabolism adaptations. bioRxiv doi:
Havird 2018 bioRxivbioRxiv Preprint Open AccessHavird JC, Noe GR, Link L, Torres A, Logan DC, Sloan DB, Chicco AJ (2018) Assessing mitochondrial function in angiosperms with highly divergent mitochondrial genomes. bioRxiv doi:
Lemieux 2017 bioRxiv 103457bioRxiv Preprint Open AccessLemieux H, Blier PU, Gnaiger E (2017) Remodeling pathway control of oxidative phosphorylation by temperature in the heart. bioRxiv doi: - Published 2017 Sci Rep.2017
Chretien 2017 bioRxivbioRxiv Preprint Open AccessChretien D, Benit P, Ha HH, Keipert S, El-Khoury R, Chang YT, Jastroch M, Jacobs H, Rustin P, Rak M (2017) Mitochondria are physiologically maintained at close to 50 C. bioRxiv doi: .2017
Moll 2016 bioRxivbioRxiv Preprint Open AccessMoll CWI, Lindtner RA, Vogel GF, Brunner M, Gutleben K, Blauth M, Krumschnabel G, Ebner HL (2016) Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells from osteoporotic patients do not show altered mitochondrial energetics or ultrastructure. bioRxiv

On 'preprints for the life sciences'

  1. Vale RD (2015) Accelerating scientific publication in biology. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112:13439-46. - »Bioblast link
  2. Berg JM et al (2016) Preprints for the life sciences. Science 352:899-901. - »Bioblast link - Ginsparg was emphatic that a preprint, because it has a time stamp and is publicly available, plays a key role in establishing priority of discovery.
  3. Preprints for Gentle Science

Preprints in Bioblast

  • To encourage Preprint publications, preprints are listed in Bioblast equivalent to journal publications.
  • To avoid duplication once a Preprint publication is released or updated as a journal publication, the Preprint reference in Bioblast is directed to the journal reference in the abstract (with information on day of acceptance and day of journal publication, as far as available). Labelling is transferred to the journal reference.