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Wang T, Zhang M, Jiang Z, Seli E (2017) Mitochondrial dysfunction and ovarian aging. Am J Reprod Immunol 77.

Β» PMID: 28194828

Wang T, Zhang M, Jiang Z, Seli E (2017) Am J Reprod Immunol

Abstract: Mitochondria are double-membrane-bound organelles that are responsible for the generation of most of the cell's energy. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been implicated in cellular senescence in general and ovarian aging in particular. Recent studies exploited this association by studying mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) copy number as a potential biomarker of embryo viability and the use of mitochondrial nutrients and autologous mitochondrial transfer as a potential treatment for poor ovarian function and response.

β€’ Bioblast editor: Gnaiger E

Wang 2017 Am J Reprod Immunol CORRECTION.png

Correction: FADH2 and Complex II

Ambiguity alert.png
FADH2 is shown as the substrate feeding electrons into Complex II (CII). This is wrong and requires correction - for details see Gnaiger (2024).
Gnaiger E (2024) Complex II ambiguities ― FADH2 in the electron transfer system. J Biol Chem 300:105470. - Β»Bioblast linkΒ«
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