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O2k-Main Unit


Description The O2k-Main Unit is a component of the O2k-Core. The O2k-Main Unit consists of functionally defined, integral elements, the (O2k-Main Basic, O2k-Peltier Temperature Control, two O2k-Electromagnetic Stirrer Twin-Control units, two O2k-Amperometric OroboPOS Twin-Channels, O2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer), which cannot be obtained separately.
Product ID 20002
Type O2k-Core
Link Oroboros O2k

The O2k-Main Unit consists of integral elements, which are not separately available:

TitleDescriptionProduct idProduct image
O2k-Main BasicThe O2k-Main Basic is an integral element of the O2k-Main Unit. The Oroboros O2k Main Basic has the following components:
  • Stainless-Steel Housing
  • Switching power supply
  • Microprocessor for integrated control, A/D converters and data handling
  • Copper-Block with windows to 2 O2k-Chambers
  • 2 Amperometric OroboPOS Plugs
  • TIP2k socket, providing the basis for add-on of the TIP2k
  • 2 Potentiometric Plugs for ion sensitive electrodes (ISE: TPP+, Ca2+; pH), providing the basis for add-on of the O2k-MultiSensor Modules
  • 2 Amperometric Plugs, providing the basis for add-on of the O2k-Fluo LED2-Module or NO (H2S) sensors.
  • USB-Port for connection with DatLab (PC or laptop not included)
O2k-Peltier Temperature ControlO2k-Peltier Temperature Control: Built-in electronic thermostat controlling temperature for two O2k-Chambers in the range of 4 to 47 °C; ±0.002 °C (at room temperature). Continuous recording of the O2k-Copper Block temperature with DatLab. Temperature change from 20 to 30 °C within 15 min; cooling from 30 to 20 °C within 20 min. Integral component of the O2k-Main Unit. The electronic temperature control of the O2k replaced the conventional water jacket.20020
O2k-Electromagnetic Stirrer Twin-ControlO2k-Electromagnetic Stirrer Twin-Control for smooth rotation of the stirrer bars in the two O2k-Chambers; with slow-start function to prevent decoupling of the stirrer bar; regulated stirrer speed in the range of 100 to 800 rpm (decoupling may occur at higher stirrer speeds), independent for the two O2k-Chambers; automatic events sent to DatLab when the stirrer is switched on/off or when the rotation seed is changed by the experimenter. Integral component of the O2k-Main Unit.20030
O2k-Amperometric OroboPOS Twin-ChannelO2k-Amperometric OroboPOS Twin-Channel: Two-channel variable polarization voltage; current/voltage converter for the polarographic oxygen sensor (POS); amplifyer with digital gain settings (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x); A/D converter; output in the range -10 V to 10 V. Integral component of the O2k-Main Unit.20040
O2k-Barometric Pressure TransducerO2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer, A/D converter and digital output to DatLab for continuous recording of barometric pressure [kPa or mmHg], integrated into the air calibration of the OroboPOS (MiPNet06.03 POS-calibration-SOP). Integral component of the O2k-Main Unit. The warranty on the accuracy of the signal obtained from the O2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer expires within three years.20050


The O2k is continuously developed further to integrate various innovations. While all O2k instruments have the same high standard for measuring respiration, there are differences with respect to:

The serial number of each O2k is shown on a sticker at the rear of the O2k.

The Series of the O2k is specified as the capital letter in the serial number (hardware number) of the O2k, shown on the label on the rear of the O2k-Main Unit (MiPNet22.11 O2k-FluoRespirometer manual). A serial number B-xxxx or C-xxxx denotes O2k-Series B or C, while G-xxxx denotes an O2k-Series G.

Seires number H-Seires.png

On-line the serial number is displayed in the signal line

With DatLab operating connected to the O2k, the serial number of the O2k is displayed:

  • in the right corner of the status line, besides the DatLab version number (bottom).
On-line the serial number is displayed in the window caption of the O2k-Control window.
  • in the window caption of the O2k-Control window [F7].

Support of O2k-Modules

The O2k (Series E) and higher support all modules. O2k (Series A-D) require the O2k-MultiSensor electronic upgrade. An exception is the application of an NO sensor in a single chamber of the O2k-series A to C.