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O2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer

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O2k-Open Support

O2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer

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MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: O2k-Open Support 


O2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer, A/D converter and digital output to DatLab for continuous recording of barometric pressure [kPa or mmHg], integrated into the air calibration of the OroboPOS (MiPNet06.03 POS-calibration-SOP). Integral component of the O2k-Main Unit. The warranty on the accuracy of the signal obtained from the O2k-Barometric Pressure Transducer expires within three years.

Reference: O2k-Core

SI unit: Pa = Jยทm-3
1 atm = 760 mmHg = 101.325 kPa


Quick accuracy check for the barometric pressure transducer (Mario Faschung, 2013-10-21):
  • 4 O2k: average pressure reading = 95.5 kPa, maximal reading 95.5 kPa, minimal reading 95.4 kPa
  • Nearest metrological station (Innsbruck airport, altitude: 585 m above sea level): pressure = 95.5 kPa

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