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DatLab error messages


Common DatLab error messages and according actions and solutions are listed here.

MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: DatLab 

DatLab error: Average block temperature over past 10 min has not reached set temperature

This message appears in DatLab when the block temperature of the OROBOROS O2k has not reached the set temperature within the past 10 min.


Click on 'Clear errors' to remove the error message from the O2k status line. Select Graph Layout 1 (including a graph with plots of temperature and Peltier power). The oxygen signal cannot stabilize without temperature stability.
  1. When cooling from room temperature to a low setpoint (e.g. 4 °C), it takes regularly more than 10 min for cooling. The error message provides merely information on the fact that a prolonged stabilization time wll be required. Delete the Event with the error message.
  2. When aiming at a low experimental temperature (<6 °C) and the error message is shown repeatedly several times, the room temperature may be too high in relation to the low set temperature, and the Peltier power may be insufficient. Cooling the room temperature may solve the problem.
  3. The O2k-Peltier Temperature Control may have an electronic defect. To confirm, switch off the O2k and repeat.
  4. If the O2k-Peltier Temperature Control has an electronic defect, the O2k-Main Unit has to be sent to the electronics workshop of OROBOROS for service.

DatLab error: Line has wrong length

This message appears during recording of a file with DatLab, when a signal line has not been transmitted properly from the O2k to DatLab. A data point in all plots is missing. The calculated oxygen flux may show a disturbance caused by the missing data point.


Click on 'Clear errors' to remove the error message from the O2k status line.
If this error occurs frequently, then
  1. Check if the data recording interval is set to a value which is too low for the capacity of your computer used for recording with DatLab. At a data recording interval of 2s such error messages should not occur (or only exceptionally).
  2. Too many programs may be active at the same time.
  3. The computer may be too slow for processing the signals and handling DatLab. An upgrading of the computer may be necessary.