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D number is the unique code given for each SUIT protocol. In the same SUIT protocol family (SUIT-###), there might be different protocols, specifically designed for different sample type (e.g., different mitochondrial preparations) or for different applications (e.g., O2, AmR, Fluo, MgG). Since the use of different kinds of sample or application may result in slightly different steps, each protocol receives a different D-number.

Abbreviation: D###

D-number in the SUIT code

The D-number is shown at the end of the SUIT-code, e.g., SUIT-001_O2_mt_D001.

For a list of SUIT protocols sorted by D-number, see the list of SUIT protocols with D-numbers

SUIT protocols

Example of different D-numbers with the same SUIT-number

The SUIT-001 family comprises different related protocols, each specifically designed for different sample preparations:

MitoPedia concepts: SUIT concept