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User talk:Tindle Lisa/My sandbox Open Support

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O2k-Open Support

User talk:Tindle Lisa/My sandbox Open Support

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Oroboros support system

Currently Asked Questions - »O2k-Open Support alert« 

O2k-Open Support resources

Startup information

Each O2k-Package includes a remote installation and startup support session with an Oroboros expert, which can be scheduled during any time within the O2k-Warranty period (max. 2 years)
» Register for your session
» Installation and startup support session self-study material
Upon special request and subject to an additional fee, Oroboros Instruments offers a start-up visit by a scientific application specialist.
» O2k on-site training
Additional reading
» Getting started with an O2k-experiment
» O2k-Workshop self-study material: O2k-Basic

Quality control

Many commonly raised issues of O2k-technical support are solved in the newest version of DatLab.
The O2 sensor and O2k chamber tests are important to eliminate instrumental artefacts (instrumental quality control, QC), distinguished from assay QC addressing problems of solution protocols (preparation of chemicals), sample preparation protocols (such as mitochondrial preparations), and SUIT protocols.
  1. Clean O2k-chambers and contamination-free incubation medium are required.
  2. Analysis of DatLab files recorded in instrumental QC tests is essential.
  3. Biological experiments are not suitable for trouble shooting.
1. O2 sensor test
The OroboPOS (polarographic oxygen sensor) requires regular service at intervals - these may be more than 1 year. SOPs are available to determine if a sensor service is required at an earlier or later date:
» O2 sensor test: QC1: Oxygen sensor test
2. O2k-chamber test
If all quality control criteria of the O2 sensor test are met, the operator can be assured that the quality of the sensor signal is acceptable. Next, the quality of the O2k-chamber assembly has to be tested, described in detail:
» O2k-chamber test: QC2: Instrumental O2 background test

Advanced topics

» O2k-Workshop self-study material: O2k-Applications: Simultaneous determination of O2 and H2O2 fluxes
You may also find the answers to more advanced topics using the navigation menu above or simply by using the Bioblast search function.:
        MitoPedia: O2k hardware         MitoPedia: DatLab         MitoPedia: SUIT         O2k-Procedures         O2k-Manual         O2k-Videosupport         MitoPedia: O2k-Open Support        
  1. MitoPedia: O2k: find information quickly with MitoPedia, with lists of key words and links to relevant pages.
    1. MitoPedia: O2k hardware
    2. MitoPedia: DatLab
    3. MitoPedia:_SUIT
  2. O2k-Procedures: explain various applications of the O2k with O2k-Demo experiments
  3. O2k-Manual: topic specific manuals with step by step help
  4. O2k-Videosupport: provides valuable assistance, complementary to the O2k-Manual
  5. O2k-Glossary: full list of key words and links to relevant pages.

Ask an O2k-Expert and the O2k-Open Support agreement

We give you the tools to be self-sufficient, but sometimes you need expert advice or help solving a technical problem. The Oroboros experts will be happy to help in using our O2k-Open Support system. » Contact Support
» O2k-Open Support agreement
» O2k repair


The O2k-Network: An additional resource

The Oroboros O2k-Network serves to connect and support: Contact for advice on applications of the O2k and high-resolution respirometry - the global network in mitochondrial physiology.
» The O2k-Network Labs: » O2k-Network
» O2k-Network discussion forum
» Oroboros O2k-Laboratory - open for innovation and cooperation.
» Oroboros Science Scholarships - are offered for focused research projects on mitochondrial physiology and high-resolution respirometry

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