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Toxicol Rep

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Journals in Bioblast
Journal title and website Toxicology Reports


Kar 2021 Toxicol RepKar N, Gupta D, Bellare J (2021) Ethanol affects fibroblast behavior differentially at low and high doses: A comprehensive, dose-response evaluation. Toxicol Rep 8:1054-66. 34307054 Open Access
Owiredu 2020 Toxicol RepOwiredu S, Ranganathan A, Greenwood JC, Piel S, Janowska JI, Eckmann DM, Kelly M, Ehinger JK, Kilbaugh TJ, Jang DH (2020) In vitro comparison of hydroxocobalamin (B12a) and the mitochondrial directed therapy by a succinate prodrug in a cellular model of cyanide poisoning. Toxicol Rep 7:1263-71.2020Open Access
Zeng 2019 Toxicol RepZeng R, Zhou Q, Zhang W, Fu X, Wu Q, Lu Y, Shi J, Zhou S (2019) Icariin-mediated activation of autophagy confers protective effect on rotenone induced neurotoxicity in vivo and in vitro. Toxicol Rep 6:637-44.2019PMID: 31334034 Open Access