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Oroboros of the month

The Oroboros Symbol
"Ouroboros was and is the name for the Great World Serpent, encircling the earth. The word "Ouroboros" is really a term that describes a similar symbol that has been cross-pollinated from many different cultures. From "Ouroboros," there is the serpent or dragon gnawing at its own tail. The symbolic connotation from this owes to the returning cyclical nature of the seasons; the oscillations of the night sky; self-fecundation; truth and cognition complete; the potential before the spark of creation; the undifferentiated; the Totality; and the idea of the beginning and the end as being a continuous unending principle. It represents the conflict of life as well in that life comes out of life and death. "My end is my beginning." In a sense life feeds off itself, thus there are good and bad connotations that can be drawn. It is a single image with the entire actions of a life cycle - it begets, weds, impregnates, and slays itself, but in a cyclical sense, rather than linear. Thus, it fashions our lives to a totality more towards what it may really be - a series of movements that repeat. "As Above, So Below" - we are born from nature, and we mirror it because it is what man wholly is a part of. " (Copyright © 1997. John N. Harris, M.A.(CMNS))

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