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|product type=TIP2k
|product type=TIP2k
|info=[http://www.oroboros.at/index.php?tip2k TIP2k]
|info=[http://www.oroboros.at/index.php?tip2k TIP2k]
|product image=[[Image:Titration-Injection-microPump.jpg|thumb|upright=1.1]]
|product image=[[File:Titration-Injection-microPump.jpg|180px|link=]]
== Components ==
== Components ==

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Description Titration-Injection-microPump (TIP2k), for two-channel operation with the Oxygraph-2k Core HRR with automatic control by DatLab, including programmable titration regimes and feedback control (oxystat, pH-stat).
Product ID 80000-44
Type TIP2k
Link TIP2k
Image Titration-Injection-microPump.jpg


4 Microinjection syringes, 500 mm3, 270 mm needle length, 0.09 mm inner Ø
1 Pkg. Needle Spacers, silicone stops (200/Pkg.) with mounting tool.


The 80000-44 TIP2k is fully supported by the Oxygraph-2k Core HRR, and by O2k Series A-E upgraded for the TIP2k.


The TIP2k is placed at the top of the Oxygraph-2k. It does not need any extra bench space. Align the rear ends of the TIP2k and the Oxygraph-2k.