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Oroboros 2004

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Oroboros 2004

Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem

Date Location-Country-IOC
Mar CMRC Greenland Expedition
Apr Schröcken, Austria. MiPNet 9.2. Program, participants, abstracts, slides, comments (Bioblast Link 902 kB; 2004-06-09).27. International Oxygraph Course
Sep Schröcken, Austria. 28. International Oxygraph Course and MiPNet Meeting
Dec 09-13 Schröcken, Austria. 29. International Oxygraph-2k Course
Sep 18-21 OROBOROS MiP-Net Meeting - 10th Anniversary

CMRC Greenland 2004 Expedition

International projects

with three Oxygraph-2k for high-resolution respirometry applied to muscle biopsies of Inuit and Danish participants.
... and the growing World-Wide MiP-Net: Reference Laboratories for High-Resolution Respirometry.