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|product id=27100-21
|product id=27100-21
|product type=O2k
|product type=O2k
|info=[[MiPNet12.06]], [http://www.oroboros.at/index.php=spares O2k-spares]
|info=[[MiPNet12.06]], [http://www.oroboros.at/index.php?spares O2k-spares]

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Oroboros Instruments

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OroboPOS-Service Kit


Description O2k-Accessory box for the Oxygraph-2k Core HRR, containing 2 stoppers, 2 glass chambers and 2 Polarographic oxygen sensors for shipment, and accessories particularly for POS service.
Product ID 27100-21
Type O2k
Link MiPNet12.06, O2k-spares
02k-Accessory Box.jpg

Oxygraph-2k Core HRR

The O2k-Accessory box is included in the Oxygraph-2k Core HRR.