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|product id=23400-24
|product id=23400-24
|product type=O2k
|product type=O2k
|product image=[[File:Chamber holder for PVDF stopper.jpg|thumb|link=]]
|product image=[[File:Chamber holder for PVDF stopper.jpg|180px|link=]]

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O2k-Chamber Holder


Description Chamber holder (blue POM) for PVDF stopper, with O-ring (#23420-24) and V-ring (#23430-24). After the glass chamber is inserted into the copper block, the chamber holder is srewed on top of the chamber into the copper block to hold the chamber into a tight vertical position (O-ring) and prevent liquid to flow from the stainless steel housing into the space outside of the chamber (V-ring). This chamber holder has a configuration different from the one for the titanium stoppers.
Product ID 23400-24
Type O2k
Image 180px