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Journal title and website Neurotherapeutics


Martinez-Palma 2018 NeurotherapeuticsMartΓ­nez-Palma L, Miquel E, Lagos-RodrΓ­guez V, Barbeito L, Cassina A, Cassina P (2018) Mitochondrial modulation by dichloroacetate reduces toxicity of aberrant glial cells and gliosis in the SOD1G93A rat model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Neurotherapeutics 16:203-15.2018PMID: 30159850
Timpani 2016 NeurotherapeuticsTimpani CA, Trewin AJ, Stojanovska V, Robinson A, Goodman CA, Nurgali K, Betik AC, Stepto N, Hayes A, McConell GK, Rybalka E (2016) Attempting to compensate for reduced neuronal nitric oxide synthase protein with nitrate supplementation cannot overcome metabolic dysfunction but rather has detrimental effects in Dystrophin-deficient mdx muscle. Neurotherapeutics 14:429-46.2016PMID: 27921261 Open Access
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