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Lane N (2009) Life ascending. The ten great inventions of evolution. Profile Books, London 344 pp.


Lane N (2009) Profile Books, London

Abstract: Powerful new research methods are providing fresh and vivid insights into the makeup of life. Comparing gene sequences, examining the atomic structure of proteins and looking into the geochemistry of rocks have all helped to explain creation and evolution in more detail than ever before. Nick Lane uses the full extent of this new knowledge to describe the ten greatest inventions of life, based on their historical impact, role in living organisms today and relevance to current controversies. DNA, the fateful union between prokaryiotic cells at the wake of eukaryotes (bacteria-mitochondria and archaea-host), sex, sight and consciousnesses are just four examples. Lane also explains how these findings have come about, and the extent to which they can be relied upon. The result is a gripping and lucid account of the ingenuity of nature, and a book which is essential reading for anyone who has ever questioned the science behind the glories of everyday life.


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