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Kanaan GN

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Name Kanaan Georges N,
Institution Mitochondrial Bioenergetics Lab

Faculty of Medicine University of Ottawa

Address Room: 4103, 451 Smyth Rd., K1H 8M5
City Ottawa
Country Canada
O2k-Network Lab CA Ottawa Harper ME



Kanaan 2017 Redox Biol2017Kanaan GN, Ichim B, Gharibeh L, Maharsy W, Patten DA, Xuan JY, Reunov A, Marshall P, Veinot J, Menzies K, Nemer M, Harper ME (2017) Glutaredoxin-2 controls cardiac mitochondrial dynamics and energetics in mice, and protects against human cardiac pathologies. Redox Biol 14:509-21.


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