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Int J Dent

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Journal title and website International Journal of Dentistry


Napa 2017 Int J DentNapa K, Baeder AC, Witt JE, Rayburn ST, Miller MG, Dallon BW, Gibbs JL, Wilcox SH, Winden DR, Smith JH, Reynolds PR, Bikman BT (2017) LPS from P. gingivalis negatively alters gingival cell mitochondrial bioenergetics. Int J Dent 2017:2697210.2017PMID: 28592970 Open Access
Baeder 2016 Int J DentBaeder AC, Napa K, Richardson ST, Taylor OJ, Andersen SG, Wilcox SH, Winden DR, Reynolds PR, Bikman BT (2016) Oral gingival cell cigarette smoke exposure induces muscle cell metabolic disruption. Int J Dent 2016:2763160.2016Open Access