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Journal title and website Frontiers in Oncology


Chen 2023 Front OncolChen L, Zhu C, Pan F, Chen Y, Xiong L, Li Y, Chu X, Huang G (2023) Platelets in the tumor microenvironment and their biological effects on cancer hallmarks. Front Oncol 13:1121401. 36937386 Open Access
Wang 2022 Front OncolWang CY, Wang CH, Mai RT, Chen TW, Li CW, Chao CH (2022) Mutant p53-microRNA-200c-ZEB2-Axis-Induced CPT1C Elevation Contributes to Metabolic Reprogramming and Tumor Progression in Basal-Like Breast Cancers. Front Oncol 12:940402.2022PMID:35936710 Open Access
Peng 2022 Front OncolPeng M, Huang Y, Zhang L, Zhao X, Hou Y (2022) Targeting mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation eradicates acute myeloid leukemic stem cells. Front Oncol 12:899502. 35574326 Open Access
Xia 2022 Front OncolXia H, Huang Z, Wang Z, Liu S, Zhao X, You J, Xu Y, Yam JWP, Cui Y (2022) Glucometabolic reprogramming: From trigger to therapeutic target in hepatocellular carcinoma. Front Oncol 12:953668. 35912218 Open Access
Sharpe 2021 Front OncolSharpe MA, Baskin DS, Pichumani K, Ijare OB, Helekar SA (2021) Rotating magnetic fields inhibit mitochondrial respiration, promote oxidative stress and produce loss of mitochondrial integrity in cancer cells. Front Oncol 11:768758. 34858847 Open Access
Sant'Anna-Silva 2018 Front OncolSant'Anna-Silva ACB, Santos GC, Campos SPC, Oliveira Gomes AM, PΓ©rez-Valencia JA, Rumjanek FD (2018) Metabolic profile of oral squamous carcinoma cell lines relies on a higher demand of lipid metabolism in metastatic cells. Front Oncol 8:13.2018PMID: 29456966 Open Access
Ishii 2012 Front OncolIshii I, Harada Y, Kasahara T (2012) Reprofiling a classical anthelmintic, pyrvinium pamoate, as an anti-cancer drug targeting mitochondrial respiration. Front Oncol 2:137. 23061049 Open Access
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