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Basic Guidelines

1. To submit an abstract with this form, just type "Surname_2012_Abstract Eventname" (e.g. Mueller_2012_Abstract IOC74) into the box below (Mueller is the presenting author, and does not have to be the first author in the reference) (see example)
Authors separated by comma; no "and" or "&".
Do not use umlauts or accented letters (should be written as: ä=ae, ö=oe, ü=ue, é=e; â=a; æ=ae, å=aa, ø=oe)
2. Click "Create or edit" and add or edit information in the entry fields (please read detailed guidelines for help).
3. Click "Show preview" to check if the text appears correctly.
4. Click "Save page", which is particularly important after "Show previews".


Authors: Surname A, Surname B
Event = IOC72
Pagename = Surname_2012_Abstract IOC72

Detailed guidelines

Reference: Should have the following format: Surname A, Surname B (Year) Title. Mitochondr Physiol Network ##.##.
Link: Please provide a weblink of interest here.
Authors: Authors separated by comma; no "and" or "&". Umlauts or accented letters should be written as: ä=ae, ö=oe, ü=ue, é=e; â=a; æ=ae, å=aa, ø=oe.
Year: Year of event (e.g. 2012).
Event: Name of event (e.g. IOC72).
Abstract: Insert the abstract, avoid any conflict with copyrights. Special characters (e.g. µ, °) might not show up correctly when copy-pasting - thus check for errors and correct them. References in the text are given by numbers in brackets [1].Up to 250 words, max. 500 words (if more, please copy/paste into "Free text" box.
Keywords: Enter a list of keywords.
MiPNetLab: For abstracts from a MiPNet-Reference Laboratory - please type in here the UserCode (e.g AT_Innsbruck_Gnaiger E). If you do not remember it, look here for a list - Category:MiPNet Laboratories
Labels: Finally, please tick the appropriate "keywords" in the following boxes, to make sure that the added or edited publication appears in the specific filters.
Free text: Additional information.