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Egelandsdal B

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Name Egelandsdal Bjorg,
Institution Dept. of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, UMB

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Address P.O. Box 5003, NO-1432
City Ås
Country Norway
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab NO As Egelandsdal B



Grabez 2015 J Anim Sci2015Grabež V, Kathri M, Phung V, Moe KM, Slinde E, Skaugen M, Saarem K, Egelandsdal B (2015) Protein expression and oxygen consumption rate of early postmortem mitochondria relate to meat tenderness. J Anim Sci 93:1967-79.
Slinde 2014 freepatentsonline.com2014Slinde E, Egelandsdal B (2014) Meat treatment and preservation method. 14/128207.
Phung 2011 J Food Science2011Phung VT, Saelid E, Egelandsdal B, Volden J, Slinde E (2011) Oxygen consumption rate of permeabilized cells and isolated mitochondria from pork M. masseter and liver examined fresh and after freeze-thawing at different pH values. J Food Science 76:C929-36.


Egelandsdal 2015 Fatty Acid Oxidation O2k-Network Discussion Forum2015Egelandsdal 2015 Fatty Acid Oxidation O2k-Network Discussion Forum
Slinde 2013 Abstract MiP20132013Slinde E, Egelandsdal B, Olsen RE (2013) Respiration of tissue and mitochondria from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar, L) liver, muscle, heart, brain and blood. Mitochondr Physiol Network 18.08.

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