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O2k-Open Support

DatLab 2

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MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: O2k-Open Support 


DatLab 2 (DL2) is a MS-DOS programe. DL2 is still used for analysis of oxygen kinetics, after exporting files recorded in recent DatLab versions. A user-friendly O2-kinetics module is in preparation (DL8).

Abbreviation: DL2

It may be necessary to use an emulator to be able to run DatLab 2 on modern computers, especially for the DL2 graphic window (available free of charge):
  • Windows 7 + DOSBOX
  • Linux + DOSemu
  • FreeDOS: www.freedos.org (will also reduce the available CPU power if necessary)
  • "CPUkiller" - to reduce available CPU power.
Text file - DatLab.png

Export channel from DatLab 7

To export data to DatLab 2 go to "file\export\One channel to DatLab 2 Analysis" and choose the plot you want to export.

DatLab 2 installation

DL2 is automatically installed when installing current DatLab versions. DL2 is located in the DatLab directory ("DatLab"), in the subfolder "DL2".

DatLab 2 Manuals

ChapterSectionLast update
MiPNet02.04 DatLab2 TimeConstant
DatLab 2. High time resolution.
MiPNet02.05 DatLab2 O2Kinetics
DatLab 2. Analysis of oxygen kinetics.
MiPNet02.07 Datlab2 Manual
DatLab 2 Analysis. High resolution of data in the lab.

MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: DatLab, O2k-Open Support 

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