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Bioblasts - Richard Altmann and MiPArt by Odra Noel

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Bioblast alert 2020

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Bioblast alert 2020(04): 2020-02-07

MitoGlobal Events Save the date! April 24-25, 2020 - The first meeting of the Bioenergetics DE-CH-AT Group aims at exchange and collaboration in bioenergetics between Germany, Switzerland and Austria » Bioenergetics Vienna 2020

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Blood cell mitochondrial function does not provide a general substitute for muscle biopsies - from the O2k-Network: US AR Little Rock Boersheim E
Rose S, Carvalho E, Diaz EC, Cotter M, Bennuri SC, Azhar G, Frye RE, Adams SH, Boersheim E (2019) A comparative study of mitochondrial respiration in circulating blood cells and skeletal muscle fibers in women. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 317:E503-E512. - »Bioblast link«
O2k-brief Cronin (2018) The metabolite BH4 controls T cell proliferation in autoimmunity and cancer. Nature - Lymphocytes, Cancer - O2k-brief repository

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Aerobic and resistance training address central defects and peripheral comorbidities in Alzheimer’s disease - from the O2k-Network: US FL Boca Raton Khamoui AV
Pena GS, Paez HG, Johnson TK, Halle JL, Carzoli JP, Visavadiya NP, Zourdos MC, Whitehurst MA, Khamoui AV (2020) Hippocampal growth factor and myokine cathepsin B expression following aerobic and resistance training in 3xTg-AD mice. Int J Chronic Diseases 2020:Article ID 5919501. - »Bioblast link«

Bioblast alert 2020(03): 2020-01-31

MitoGlobal Events The European Society for Surgical Research Congress early bird registration deadline is Monday February 10, 2020 » ESSR 2020 Innsbruck AT

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial respiration is oxygen-dependent in human cardiac homogenate preparations from the O2k-Network: CZ Prague Krajcova A
Krajčová A, Urban T, Megvinet D, Waldauf P, Balík M, Hlavička J, Budera P, Janoušek L, Pokorná E, Duška F (2020) High resolution respirometry to assess function of mitochondria in native homogenates of human heart muscle. PLOS ONE 15:e0226142. - »Bioblast link«

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial respiration of blood cells and cardiovascular disease from the O2k-Network: FR Strasbourg Zoll J
Alfatni A, Riou M, Charles AL, Meyer A, Barnig C, Andres E, Lejay A, Talha S, Geny B (2020) Peripheral blood mononuclear cells and platelets mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and circulating mtDNA in cardiovascular diseases. J Clin Med 9 pii:E311. - »Bioblast link«

O2k-Open SupportTake care Reproducibility committment in high-resolution respirometry: quality control in oxygen calibration
In the DatLab 7.4 software, new instrumental DL-Protocols guide the user automatically step-by-step, to calibrate the instrument accurately. Reproducibility is monitored and documented when following user-friendly standard operating procedures (SOP). Further details in MitoPedia: »Oxygen calibration - DatLab

Bioblast alert 2020(02): 2020-01-24

MitoGlobal Events The Association for Psychological Science 2020 conference abstract submission deadline for poster presentations is Friday January 31, 2020. » Bioblast link

O2k-brief Dias et al (2018) Analysis of respiratory capacity in brain tissue preparations: high-resolution respirometry for intact hippocampal slices. Anal Biochem - Nervous system » Bioblast link

O2k-Publications in the MiPMap HRR - high-resolution respirometry and oxygen kinetics 10 years ago: Cell respiration under hypoxia: facts and artefacts in mitochondrial oxygen kinetics. Adv Exp Med Biol 2010.  » Bioblast link

News Two websites:
One new: the Oroboros company website  »
One continued: the website of the Oroboros Ecosystem  »

Bioblast alert 2020(01): 2020-01-17

News The Oroboros 2020 Science Agenda is launched as a signature of the Oroboros Ecosystem.
Gentle Science 2020: a critical year for women, gender equity, and health - a Lancet Editorial
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Statistical evaluation on replica in HRR with permeabilized skeletal muscle fibers from the O2k-Network: AU Melbourne Stepto NK
Jacques M, Kuang J, Bishop DJ, Yan X, Alvarez-Romero J, Munson F, Garnham A, Papadimitriou I, Voisin S, Eynon N (2019) Mitochondrial respiration variability and simulations in human skeletal muscle: The Gene SMART study. FASEB J [Epub ahead of print]. - »Bioblast link«
Members of the Management Committee MitoEAGLE and Working Group Leaders: please submit your suggestions for MitoEAGLE Summit Obergurgl 2020:
  1. Suggested type and title of your personal presentation, according to the MoU and final MitoEAGLE output
  2. Suggested scientists (titles) for presentations, according to the MoU

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