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Bioblasts - Richard Altmann and MiPArt by Odra Noel

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Bioblast - The mt-information synthase for MitoPedia, MitoFit, and more.

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Gentle Science discusses the concept of preprints

MitoEAGLE Working Group 1

» Mitochondrial respiratory states and rates: Building blocks of mitochondrial physiology

MitoEAGLE Working Group 2

» Working group 2 open call for download

Picked up in the spirit of Gentle Science

  • The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2017) Fostering integrity in research. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.doi:
"The integrity of knowledge that emerges from research is based on individual and collective adherence to core values of objectivity, honesty, openness, fairness, accountability, and stewardship. Integrity in science means .." - More details: »Bioblast link«
  • "Transparency and accountability are the fundamental principles for research integrity. Transparency in describing all aspects of the research process, from planning, proposing, performing, and reporting, goes a long way .." - The Lancet 2017-05-06

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>38,000 views: Gnaiger 2014 MitoPathways
>22,000 views: Bouillaud 2012 Abstract Bioblast
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Mitochondrial Oroboros by Odra Noel

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