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Zanlungo S

From Bioblast
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Name Zanlungo Silvana,
Institution Gastroenterology Department

Medicine Faculty

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Address Marcoleta 367,
City Santiago
Country Chile
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab CL Santiago Regueira T



Torres 2016 Redox Biol2016Torres S, Matías N, Baulies A, Nuñez S, Alarcon-Vila C, Martinez L, Nuño N, Fernandez A, Caballeria J, Levade T, Gonzalez-Franquesa A, Garcia-Rovés P, Balboa E, Zanlungo S, Fabrías G, Casas J, Enrich C, Garcia-Ruiz C, Fernández-Checa JC (2016) Mitochondrial GSH replenishment as a potential therapeutic approach for Niemann Pick type C disease. Redox Biol 11:60-72.


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