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On following pages the instructions were updated during preparation of the SUIT chemical paper 2021-01 and 2021-02


  • Carbonyl_cyanide_m-chlorophenyl_hydrazone. It is not recommended to store the whole stock solution in one vial. Therefore this instruction was deleted.
  • ADP: adapted instructions to what we really do: Take pre-weighted ADP and prepare with MgCl2 and not without it. Refined instructions a bit: moved comments from the instructions-paragraph to the comments-paragraph
  • Salicylhydroxamic_acid: Maria asked me to prepare in higher concentration. The instructions were adapted accordingly.
  • CCCP: clearify the chatty discussion about DMSO as a solvent
  • Pyruvate: deleted the line that says that pH has to be adjusted and added comment why this is not necessary
  • Antimycin_A: clearified hygroscopicity and light sensitivity
  • KCN: corrected vendor, because product number belongs to Sigma, not Fluka.
  • FCCP move the statement that the whole stock solution can be stored in one vial to discussion section. sV-chamber-instructions need update
  • Octanoylcarnitine correct the vendors
  • Carnitine infos for sV-chamber are missing
  • Ascorbate 0.8M - 1M: added volume adjustment, halved amount of stock solution (5 mL instead of 10), corrected pH adjustment (we use 1 M HCl not ascorbic acid, added info on air and light sensitivity.
  • KCN refined infos on light sensitivity and storage conditions


  • TMPD describe reaction to light / oxygen with beautiful pictures (would be nice to have...)
  • Malonate the preparation instructions sound weird but are hard to improve without trying: prepare 100 µL of 2 M solution by dissolving in 85 µL H2O, then adjust pH, then adjust volume to 100 µL. Should be prepared fresh, that's the problem.