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Koit 2018 US PatentOpen AccessKoit A, Kaambre T (2018) Method for selecting patients responsive for cancer treatments. US Patent US20180017547A1.2018
Deschaseaux 2018 US PatentOpen AccessDeschaseaux F, Guilloton F, Muller S, Sensebe L, Casteilla L, Carriere-Pazat A (2018) Method for obtaining human brown/beige adipocytes . US Patent US20180216070A1.2018
Selwood 2017 US PatentOpen AccessSelwood DL, Baker D, Szabadkai G, Duchen MR, Hill JM, Warne JND (2017) Quinolium conjugates of cyclosporin . US Patent US20170349632 A1.2017
Westphal 2017 US PatentOpen AccessWestphal S, Fromme T, Klingenspor M (2017) Fgf-8 for use in treating diseases or disorders of energy homeostasis. US Patent US20170258874 A1.2017
Chin 2017 US PatentOpen AccessChin MT, Chien WM, Dinca A (2017) Methods for treating and preventing cardiomyopathy. US Patent WO2016094791A1.2017
Rouet 2017 US PatentOpen AccessRouet P, Smih F (2017) ApoO for use in method for treating cancer and various pathophysiological situations. US Patent US20170035842 A1.2017
Darrell 2017 US PatentOpen AccessNeufer PD, Anderson EJ, Szeto HH (2017) Methods for preventing or treating insulin resistance. US Patent US20170100450 A1.2017
Elmer 2017 US PatentOpen AccessElmer E, Hansson MJ, Ehinger JK, Piel S, Moss S (2017) Succinate prodrugs for use in the treatment of lactic acidosis or drug-induced side-effects due to complex I-related impairment of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. US Patent US20170100359 A1.2017
Cheng 2017 US PatentOpen AccessCheng WC, Lin GY, Xue YP, Lan CY, Lin F (2017) Method for treating microbial infection. US Patent US20170319654 A1.2017
Wilson 2016 US PatentOpen AccessWilson TD (2016) Peptide therapeutics and methods for using same. US Patent US20160151446 A1.2016
Valet 2015 US PatentOpen AccessValet P, Dray C, Knauf C, Kunduzova O, Castan-Laurell I (2015) Pharmaceutical composition for use in the treatment of dysfunction associated with aging. US Patent US20150290286 A1.2015
Chin 2015 US PatentOpen AccessChin MT, Chien WM, Dinca A (2015) Modified tafazzin proteins and methods of making and using the same. US Patent US20150203827 A1.2015
Sjoevall 2015 US PatentOpen AccessSjövall F, Ehinger J, Hansson M, Elmer E, Batcheller DG (2018) Mitochondrial toxicity test. US Patent US20150253306 A1.2015
Boss 2015 US Patent[1]Boss OD, Crisan M, Giacobino JP, (2015) Brown adipocyte progenitors in human sceletal muscle. US Patent US 2015/0240206 A1.2015
Fliri 2015 US PatentOpen AccessFliri HG, Ford RL, Scowen DA, Batcheller DG, Ehinger J, Elmér E, Hansson MJ, Sjövall F (2015) Protected succinates for enhancing mitochondrial atp-production. US Patent US20150259317 A1.2015
Farrar 2015 US PatentOpen AccessFarrar GJ, Millington-Ward S, Chadderton N (2015) Variants of yeast ndi1 gene, and uses thereof in the treatment of disease associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. US Patent WO 2013093029 A3.2015