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US PA Philadelphia Orynbayeva Z

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Department of Surgery

Drexel University College of Medicine

Hahnemann Hospital

Address 245 N 15th street, MS 413, 19102
City Philadelphia
State/Prov Pennsylvania (PA)
Country USA
Contact Orynbayeva Zulfiya
Team previous
Status O2k 2012-2020
Oroboros Events IOC65


Charles 2020 Nanomedicine (Lond)2020Charles C, Cohen-Erez I, Kazaoka B, Melnikov O, Stein DE, Sensenig R, Rapaport H, Orynbayeva Z (2020) Mitochondrial responses to organelle-specific drug delivering nanoparticles composed of polypeptide and peptide complexes. Nanomedicine (Lond) 15:2917-32.
Altinok 2019 J Cell Physiol2019Altinok O, Poggio JL, Stein DE, Bowne WB, Shieh AC, Snyder NW, Orynbayeva Z (2019) Malate-aspartate shuttle promotes l-lactate oxidation in mitochondria. J Cell Physiol 235:2569-81.
Nacarelli 2018 Geroscience2018Nacarelli T, Azar A, Altinok O, Orynbayeva Z, Sell C (2018) Rapamycin increases oxidative metabolism and enhances metabolic flexibility in human cardiac fibroblasts. Geroscience 40:243-56.
Irgebay 2017 Breast2017Irgebay Z, Yeszhan B, Sen B, Tuleukhanov S, Brooks AD, Sensenig R, Orynbayeva Z (2017) Danazol alters mitochondria metabolism of fibrocystic breast Mcf10A cells. Breast 35:55-62.
Zhunussova 2016 PLOS ONE2016Zhunussova A, Vitol EA, Polyak B, Tuleukhanov S, Brooks AD, Sensenig R, Friedman G, Orynbayeva Z (2016) Mitochondria-mediated anticancer effects of non-thermal atmospheric plasma. PLOS ONE 11:e0156818.
Orynbayeva 2015 Nanomedicine (Lond)2015Orynbayeva Z, Sensenig R, Polyak B (2015) Metabolic and structural integrity of magnetic nanoparticle-loaded primary endothelial cells for targeted cell therapy. Nanomedicine (Lond) 10:1555-68.
Gainutdinov 2015 Arch Biochem Biophys2015Gainutdinov T, Molkentin JD, Siemen D, Ziemer M, Debska-Vielhaber G, Vielhaber S, Gizatullina Z, Orynbayeva Z, Gellerich FN (2015) Knockout of cyclophilin D in Ppif(-/-) mice increases stability of brain mitochondria against Ca(2+) stress. Arch Biochem Biophys 579:40-6.
Zhunussova 2015 Am J Cancer Res2015Zhunussova A, Sen B, Friedman L, Tuleukhanov S, Brooks AD, Sensenig R, Orynbayeva Z (2015) Tumor microenvironment promotes dicarboxylic acid carrier-mediated transport of succinate to fuel prostate cancer mitochondria. Am J Cancer Res 5:1665-79.


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  • I have a very pleasant experience working with the Oroboros team since we purchased the O2k in 2011. The way Oroboros interacts with customers is exemplary of the partnership between manufacturers and customers. The outstanding characteristic of the Oroboros Instruments is not only the timely and highly professional support in solving the technical issues and in delivery of the accessories. Beyond this manufacturer’s service the Oroboros team is very serious about the educational aspects of their work. The open online discussion of scientific questions and research concerns along with sharing of the novel approaches, protocols and methodologies is very helpful for both advanced bioenergetics researches and beginners. Zulfiya Orynbayeva (2015-04-07)
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