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Reddoch-Cardenas 2020 TransfusionReddoch-Cardenas KM, Peltier GC, Chance TC, Nair PM, Meledeo MA, Ramasubramanian AK, Cap AP, Bynum JA (2020) Cold storage of platelets in platelet additive solution maintains mitochondrial integrity by limiting initiation of apoptosis-mediated pathways. Transfusion 61:178-90.2020PMID: 33294977
Boehmert 2020 TransfusionBöhmert S, Kübel S, Müller MM, Weber CF, Adam EH, Dröse S, Zacharowski K, Fischer D (2020) The effect of the interruption of agitation, temporary cooling, and pneumatic tube transportation on platelet quality during storage for transfusion. Transfusion [Epub ahead of print].2020PMID: 33349943 Open Access
Johnson 2016 TransfusionJohnson L, Tan S, Wood B, Davis A, Marks DC (2016) Refrigeration and cryopreservation of platelets differentially affect platelet metabolism and function: a comparison with conventional platelet storage conditions. Transfusion 56:1807-18.2016PMID: 27158813
Bynum 2016 TransfusionBynum JA, Adam Meledeo M, Getz TM, Rodriguez AC, Aden JK, Cap AP, Pidcoke HF (2016) Bioenergetic profiling of platelet mitochondria during storage: 4°C storage extends platelet mitochondrial function and viability. Transfusion 56 Suppl 1:S76-84.2016PMID: 27001365
Johnson 2014 TransfusionJohnson L, Coorey CP, Marks DC. (2014) The hemostatic activity of cryopreserved platelets is mediated by phosphatidylserine-expressing platelets and platelet microparticles. Transfusion 54:1917-26.2014PMID: 24527873