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The North American Mitochondrial Disease Consortium

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The North American Mitochondrial Disease Consortium



The North American Mitochondrial Disease Consortium (NAMDC) was established to create a network of all clinicians and clinical investigators in North America (US and Canada, with the hope of including Mexico in the future) who follow sizeable numbers of patients with mitochondrial diseases and are involved or interested in mitochondrial research. The NAMDC has created a clinical registry for patients, in the hopes of standardizing diagnostic criteria, collecting important standardized information on patients, and facilitating the participation of patients in research on mitochondrial diseases.

For the study of any rare disease, the collection of specimens is a major challenge. The NAMDC is establishing a repository for specimens and DNA from patients with mitochondrial diseases, in order to make materials easily available to consortium researchers.

Finally, the NAMDC will conduct clinical trials and other kinds of research. The consortium makes biostatisticians, data management experts, and specialists in clinical research available to participating physicians, so that experiments conducted through the NAMDC can make the most efficient and innovative use of the generous participation of patients.

Abbreviation: NAMDC

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Contact details

Administrative support

Michio Hirano, Dr.
Phone: +1 212-305-1048
Fax: +1 212-305-3986
E-mail: [email protected]

Business address

Department of Neurology, Columbia University Medical Center
630 West 168th Street, P&S 4-423
10032 New York City, New York, US


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