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Tello 2011 Cell Metab

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Tello D, Balsa E, Acosta-Iborra B, Fuertes-Yebra E, Elorza A, Ordóñez Á, Corral-Escariz M, Soro I, López-Bernardo E, Perales-Clemente E, Martínez-Ruiz A, Enríquez JA, Aragonés J, Cadenas S, Landázuri MO (2011) Induction of the mitochondrial NDUFA4L2 protein by HIF-1α decreases oxygen consumption by inhibiting Complex I activity. Cell Metab 14:768-79.

» PMID: 22100406

Tello D, Balsa E, Acosta-Iborra B, Fuertes-Yebra E, Elorza A, Ordonez A, Corral-Escariz M, Soro I, Lopez-Bernardo E, Perales-Clemente E, Martinez-Ruiz A, Enriquez JA, Aragones J, Cadenas S, Landazuri MO (2011) Cell Metab

Abstract: The fine regulation of mitochondrial function has proved to be an essential metabolic adaptation to fluctuations in oxygen availability. During hypoxia, cells activate an anaerobic switch that favors glycolysis and attenuates the mitochondrial activity. This switch involves the hypoxia-inducible transcription factor-1 (HIF-1). We have identified a HIF-1 target gene, the mitochondrial NDUFA4L2 (NADH dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] 1 alpha subcomplex, 4-like 2). Our results, obtained employing NDUFA4L2-silenced cells and NDUFA4L2 knockout murine embryonic fibroblasts, indicate that hypoxia-induced NDUFA4L2 attenuates mitochondrial oxygen consumption involving inhibition of Complex I activity, which limits the intracellular ROS production under low-oxygen conditions. Thus, reducing mitochondrial Complex I activity via NDUFA4L2 appears to be an essential element in the mitochondrial reprogramming induced by HIF-1. Keywords: hypoxia-inducible transcription factor-1 (HIF-1)

O2k-Network Lab: ES Madrid Cadenas S

Labels: MiParea: Respiration, Genetic knockout;overexpression 

Stress:Ischemia-reperfusion, Oxidative stress;RONS  Organism: Mouse  Tissue;cell: Fibroblast  Preparation: Intact cells  Enzyme: Complex I  Regulation: Aerobic glycolysis 

HRR: Oxygraph-2k