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Thank you for your interest in the Oroboros O2k – the modular two-chamber system for high-resolution respirometry (HRR). The O2k-FluoRespirometer is the O2k complete for high-resolution respirometry combined with fluorometry - user-friendly and ready for application.
The O2k-FluoRespirometer includes the Titration-Injection microPump (TIP2k) and supports optional add-on O2k-Modules, which can be added any time according to application-specific requirements: Various electrodes are available (TPP+, pH), and sensors are supported (such as NO, H2S). Auxiliary O2k-Tools complete the package for mitochondria and cell research.

Low running costs

High output - low running costs
  • Annual costs for O2k-spares are less than € 1,000 based on long-term experience with the O2k (e.g. spare glass chamber, stoppers.
  • The low amount of biological sample required for the O2k can be even further reduced by using the new and economical O2k-sV-Module.
  • The OroboPOS sensor has a warranty of 24 months and a typical life span of more than 10 years. Nevertheless, a spare OroboPOS is included in the O2k-FluoRespirometer for immediate replacement in case of service requirements. For OroboPOS sensor service, see O2k-Videosupport and O2k-Manual.
  • A OroboPOS membrane replacement is not required over periods of several months. Other small parts such as sealing rings or gaskets do not need to be replaced for one year or more. The costs are therefore calculated at less than € 20 per year.
  • Less than 10% of all instruments sold worldwide needed to be sent our workshop for repairs, which speaks for a robust and durable instrument
  • MiR05-Kit: Calculate 5 mL per run with two O2k-chambers, this yields max. € 1.40 per run.
  • Other chemicals not supplied by Oroboros Instruments depend on the specific applications: substrates, uncouplers, inhibitors, specific effectors, fluorophores.
  • Washing with deionized or distilled water, with pure ethanol (removing inhibitors) and 70% ethanol (sterilization, storage).
  • In applications of specific O2k-Modules, spare sensors, e.g. the glass pH electrode, may increase the costs by € 700 to € 1,400 per year.


Request a quote

Request a quote.png
We will send a specific quotation (in Euro, or in another currency upon request) based on your preferred configuration. Your requests will be forwarded to our distributors in countries where Oroboros Instruments is represented (see below).
Please feel free to contact us on [email protected]
» All Oroboros products: O2k-Catalogue.


  • In most countries, Oroboros Instruments delivers the O2k and all add-on O2k-Modules directly to the end user to provide the best service and quality world-wide.
  • In specific countries, we collaborate with local distributors to provide our customers with the best national service.
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Can I contact an Oroboros distributor in my country?
We cooperate with national distributors in the following countries and regions:
In all other countries, Oroboros Instruments has a direct-sales approach: we provide direct service and distribute our products directly to the end user. If required by the end user, it is possible to cooperate with a distributor.

Terms and conditions

» See here.

Sole source information

Sole Source Statement Technical details and unique specifications of the O2k.

Delivery time

The O2k is produced on demand, i.e. upon receipt of your purchase order. Depending on the workload of our workshop, delivery times may vary.
  • O2k-FluoRespirometer and packages: eight weeks
  • Separately ordered O2k-Modules: four to six weeks
  • Spare parts and consumables: two weeks. All spare parts for the Oroboros O2k are on stock, for immediate delivery.


A warranty of two years is offered on all products of Oroboros Instruments (except consumables and glassware).


Pay with credit card.png
We accept payment via international wire transfer and credit card. Please note that we are unable to accept checks as payment method.

Are taxes and duty fees included in the price?

No, our offer does not include any taxes or any applicable duty fees. Please consider this when budgeting the purchase.

Oroboros support

Customer support and Oroboros O2k-Network

Customer support from our office and research laboratory in Innsbruck is complemented by local scientific support through the worldwide O2k-Network. With your cooperation, the multicultural world-wide Oroboros O2k-Network will become stronger. Within the O2k-Network, the expertise of lead users and customer innovation contribute to the unique standard of high-resolution respirometry.
If you need technical support, check our O2k-Open Support or contact our support team on [email protected].
Join the o2k-network.png
The Oroboros O2k-Network connects scientists and laboratories using the O2k all over the world for the exchange of scientific experience, user innovation and methodological developments. Are you interested in joining? Contact: [email protected]


DatLab software

  • DatLab 7 is included with all O2k-Packages, free updates for the following two years (see PC requirements).


O2k-Workshops and Events
All our packages include one waived registration fee for participation in an O2k-Workshop. Limited number of travel grants available.

Special discounts

  • O2k-Network discount: 10% discount on the O2k-packages and O2k-Modules for laboratories listed in the Oroboros O2k-Network
  • Early career investigator support: Oroboros Instruments offers a 10% discount on the O2k-packages and O2k-Modules as start-up support for scientists establishing a new lab in their first university position.*
  • O2k-Network Postdoc support: A 10% discount is awarded to scientists coming from an O2k-Network Lab and starting a postdoc position at a different institution.*

*Please include a letter of confirmation by your university in your application: [email protected]

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