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Talk:Jacques 2020 FASEB J

From Bioblast

Comment to Jacques 2020 FASEB J publication. Mitochondrial respiration in permeabilized muscle fibers

In this work, the authors evaluate and recommend the minimum sample size required to detect intervention differences in experiments of mitochondrial respiration performed in permeabilized fibers from human vastus lateralis. Scientific literature shows a considerable variability in experiments with permeabilized fibers within the same laboratory and across different laboratories. The understanding of the sources of this variability is crucial to detect differences among experimental groups (mainly relevant when effect differences are low). There are several factors which affect oxygen consumption measurements in permeabilized muscle fibers. In the muscle group (WG2) of the MitoEAGLE COST Action we have currently two studies in which we aim to evaluate those sources of variability, harmonize results across laboratories and provide detailed guidelines. Minimizing variability will contribute to decrease the number of subjects required for studies with permeabilized muscle fibers. However, it is important to emphasize that there are sources of variability which cannot be avoided (i.e. tissue heterogeneity and subject to subject variability). Mitochondrial respiration is a gold standard for the evaluation of mitochondrial function. By minimizing/controlling external variability factors (e.g. fiber preparation, operator skills, normalization methods, chemicals, experimental conditions) in permeabilized muscle studies, we could improve the results obtained for mitochondrial respiration. To the contrary of what is discussed in Jacques 2020 FASEB J publication, the factors which influence in oxygen consumption measurements are not intrinsic to the Oroboros O2k. Finally, we agree that a combination of mitochondrial respiration determination with other approaches to evaluate mitochondrial function is always recommended and needed to understand the full picture of what is happening in a specific physio-pathological condition.

--Carolina Doerrier - AT Innsbruck Oroboros (2020-03-17)