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A: Convert the molar format of the Gibbs force of reaction, ΔkFnO2 [kJ/mol], into the electrical format, ΔkFeO2 [V].
  1. Which physicochemical constant is required? → The Faraday constant, F = e·NA = 96,485.33 C/mol
  2. What is the meaning of the symbol zO2? → Charge number of O2 = 4
  3. How are the units of electric energy [J] and electric force [V] related? → V = J/C
  4. Express -460 kJ/mol O2 as electrical force in units of volt [V]. → -460 [kJ/mol]/(4·e·NA [C/mol]) = -460 [kJ/mol]/(4·96,485.33 [C/mol]) = -0.00119189 kJ/C = -1.2 J/C = -1.2 V
  5. Why should we do that? → To relate the driving force of electron transfer to the pmf, we have to express both forces in identical motive units [MU], converting either the force of the chemical reaction from the molar format to the electrical format, or the pmf from the electrical to the molar format.