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Petrick 2019 Biochem J
Additional label 2019-01  +
Coupling states OXPHOS  + , LEAK  +
Has abstract The decline in fat oxidation at higher pow
The decline in fat oxidation at higher power outputs of exercise is a complex interaction between several mechanisms, however the influence of mitochondrial bioenergetics in this process remains elusive. Therefore, using permeabilized muscle fibers from mouse skeletal muscle, we aimed to determine if acute exercise altered mitochondrial sensitivity to 1) adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and inorganic phosphate (Pi), or 2) carnitine palmitoyltransferase-I (CPT-I) independent (palmitoylcarnitine, PC) and dependent (palmitoyl-CoA (P-CoA), malonyl-CoA (M-CoA), and L-carnitine) substrates, in an intensity-dependent manner. As the apparent ADP <sub>Km</sub> increased to a similar extent following low (LI) and high (HI) intensity exercise compared to sedentary (SED) animals, and Pi sensitivity was unaltered by exercise, regulation of phosphate provision likely does not contribute to the well-established intensity-dependent shift in substrate utilization. Mitochondrial sensitivity to PC and P-CoA were not influenced by exercise, while M-CoA sensitivity was attenuated similarly following LI and HI. In contrast, CPT-I sensitivity to L-carnitine was only altered following HI, as HI exercise attenuated L-carnitine sensitivity by ~40%. Moreover, modelling the ''in vivo'' concentrations of L-carnitine and P-CoA during exercise suggest that CPT-I flux is ~25% lower following HI, attributed equally to reductions in L-carnitine content and L-carnitine sensitivity. Altogether, these data further implicate CPT-I flux as a key event influencing metabolic interactions during exercise, as a decline in L-carnitine sensitivity in addition to availability at higher power outputs could impair mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation. <small>©2019 The Author(s).</small>
mall>©2019 The Author(s).</small>  +
Has editor [[Plangger M]]  +
Has info [ PMID: 30635360] » [[File:O2k-brief.png|36px|link= |O2k-brief]]  +
Has publicationkeywords CPT-I flux  + , Exercise  + , L-carnitine  + , Mitochondrial bioenergetics  +
Has title Petrick HL, Holloway GP (2019) High intensity exercise inhibits carnitine palmitoyltransferase-I sensitivity to L-carnitine. Biochem J 476:547-58.  +
Instrument and method Oxygraph-2k  +
Mammal and model Mouse  +
MiP area Respiration  + , Exercise physiology;nutrition;life style  +
Pathways F  + , N  + , NS  +
Preparation Permeabilized tissue  +
Respiration and regulation ADP  + , Phosphate  + , Fatty acid  + , Substrate  +
Tissue and cell Skeletal muscle  +
Was published by MiPNetLab CA Guelph Holloway GP +
Was published in journal Biochem J +
Was published in year 2019  +
Was written by Petrick HL + , Holloway GP +
Categories Publications
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