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Malic enzyme
Description '''Malic enzyme''' (ME; EC catal
'''Malic enzyme''' (ME; EC catalyzes the oxidative decarboxylation of L-malate to pyruvate with the concomitant reduction of the dinucleotide cofactor NAD<sup>+</sup> or NADP<sup>+</sup> and a requirement for divalent cations (Mg<sup>2+</sup> or Mn<sup>2+</sup>) as cofactors. NAD(P)<sup>+</sup> + L-malate<sup>2-</sup> <--> NAD(P)H + pyruvate<sup>-</sup> + CO2 Three groups of ME are distinguished (i) NAD<sup>+</sup>- and (ii) NADP<sup>+</sup>-dependent ME specific for NAD<sup>+</sup> or NADP<sup>+</sup>, respectively, and (iii) NAD(P)<sup>+</sup>- dependent ME with dual specificity for NAD<sup>+</sup> or NADP<sup>+</sup> as cofactor. Three isoforms of ME have been identified in mammals: cytosolic NADP<sup>+</sup>-dependent ME (cNADP-ME or ME1), mitochondrial NAD(P)<sup>+</sup>-dependent ME (mtNAD-ME or ME2; with NAD<sup>+</sup> or NADP<sup>+</sup> as cofactor, preference for NAD<sup>+</sup> under physiological conditions), and mitochondrial NADP<sup>+</sup>-dependent ME (mtNADP-ME or ME3). mtNAD-ME plays an important role in [[anaplerosis]] when glucose is limiting, particularly in heart and skeletal muscle. [[Tartronic acid]] (hydroxymalonic acid) is an inhibitor of ME.
ydroxymalonic acid) is an inhibitor of ME.  +
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Malic enzyme +
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Malic enzyme  +
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