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Hatefi 1962 J Biol Chem-XLI
Additional label Made history  +
Coupling states ET  +
Enzyme Complex IV;cytochrome c oxidase  +
Has abstract The preparation from beef heart mitoc
The preparation from beef heart mitochondria and the properties, of a highly active and stable enzyme system, capable of catalyzing the reduction of cytochrome c by reduced coenzyme Q2 are described. The enzyme complex contains cytochrome b and cytochrome c1 in high concentration, and is free of cytochrome c oxidase, cytochrome c, flavoproteins, and the citric acid cycle dehydrogenases. The activity of the enzyme corresponds to a QO2, of about 320,000 at 38°. This activity is strongly inhibited by antimycin A, 2-nonyl-4-hydroxy-quinoline-N-oxide, and 2-alkyl-3-hydroxynaphthoquinone. Amytal, thenoyltrifluoroacetone, and a number of specific metal-chelating compounds are ineffective as inhibitors.
ompounds are ineffective as inhibitors.  +
Has info [ PMID: 13905328 Open Access]; [ PDF]  +
Has publicationkeywords [[Q-junction]]  + , Coenzyme Q  + , Reduced coenzyme Q (QH2)  + , Cytochrome c reductase  + , Beef heart  + , [[Electron transfer-pathway]]  +
Has title Hatefi Y, Haavik AG, Griffiths DE (1962) Studies on the Electron transfer-pathway XLI. Reduced coenzyme Q (QH2)-cytochrome c reductase. J Biol Chem 237:1681-5.  +
Mammal and model Bovines  +
Preparation Isolated mitochondria  +
Respiration and regulation Substrate  +
Tissue and cell Heart  +
Was published in journal J Biol Chem +
Was published in year 1962  +
Was written by Hatefi Y + , Haavik AG + , Griffiths DE +
Categories Publications
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