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Coupling control state
Description '''Coupling control states''' are defined
'''Coupling control states''' are defined in [[mitochondrial preparations]] (isolated mitochondria, permeabilized cells, permeabilized tissues, homogenates) as [[LEAK]], [[OXPHOS]], and [[ET-pathway]] states, with corresponding respiration rates (''L, P, E'') in any [[electron transfer-pathway state]] which is competent for electron transfer. These coupling states are induced by application of specific inhibitors of the [[phosphorylation system]], titration of ADP and uncouplers. In [[living cells]], the coupling control states are [[LEAK]], [[ROUTINE]], and [[ET-pathway]] states of respiration (''L, R, E''), using membrane-permeable inhibitors of the [[phosphorylation system]] (e.g. [[oligomycin]]) and [[uncoupler]]s (e.g. [[CCCP]]). [[Coupling control protocol]]s induce these coupling control states sequentially at a constant [[electron transfer-pathway state]].
stant [[electron transfer-pathway state]].  +
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Info [[Gnaiger 2009 Int J Biochem Cell Biol]]  +
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Coupling control state  +
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