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Cell ergometry
Coupling states LEAK  + , OXPHOS  + , ET  +
Description Biochemical '''cell ergometry''' aims at m
Biochemical '''cell ergometry''' aims at measurement of ''J''<sub>O<sub>2</sub>max</sub> (compare ''V''<sub>O<sub>2</sub>max</sub> or ''V''<sub>O<sub>2</sub>peak</sub> in exercise ergometry of humans and animals) of cell respiration linked to phosphorylation of ADP to ATP. The corresponding [[OXPHOS capacity]] is based on saturating concentrations of ADP, [ADP]*, and inorganic phosphate, [Pi]*, available to the mitochondria. This is metabolically opposite to uncoupling respiration, which yields [[ET-capacity]]. The OXPHOS state can be established experimentally by selective [[permeabilized cells |permeabilization of cell membranes]] with maintenance of intact mitochondria, titrations of ADP and P<sub>i</sub> to evaluate kinetically saturating conditions, and establishing fuel substrate combinations which reconstitute physiological [[TCA cycle]] function. Uncoupler titrations are applied to determine the apparent ET-pathway excess over OXPHOS capacity and to calculate [[OXPHOS coupling efficiency |OXPHOS-]] and [[ET-coupling efficiency ]], ''j<sub>≈P</sub>'' and ''j<sub>≈E</sub>''. These normalized flux ratios are the basis to calculate the ergometric or [[ergodynamic efficiency]], ''ε'' = ''j'' · ''f'', where ''f'' is the normalized force ratio. » [[Cell_ergometry#Cell_ergometry_and_OXPHOS|'''MiPNet article''']]
rgometry_and_OXPHOS|'''MiPNet article''']]  +
Has abstract Spiroergometry on the organismic level is compared to cell ergometry as OXPHOS analysis on the cellular level.  +
Has title Gnaiger E (2015) Cell ergometry and OXPHOS. Mitochondr Physiol Network 2015-01-18.  +
Info [[Gnaiger 2020 MitoPathways]], [[Oxygen flux]]  +
Instrument and method Theory  +
MitoPedia concept MiP concept  + , Ergodynamics  +
MitoPedia method Respirometry  +
Pathways N  + , S  + , NS  + , ROX  +
Respiration and regulation Coupling efficiency;uncoupling  +
Was published by MiPNetLab AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E +
Was published in journal MiPNet +
Was published in year 2015  +
Was written by Oroboros +
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Cell ergometry  +
Categories MitoPedia , Publications
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02:00:37, 15 January 2020  +
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