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SiouNing AS, Seong TS, Kondo H, Bhassu S (2023) MicroRNA regulation in infectious diseases and its potential as a biosensor in future aquaculture industry: a review. Molecules 28:4357.

Β» PMID: 37298833 Open Access

SiouNing AS, Seong TS, Kondo H, Bhassu S (2023) Molecules

Abstract: An infectious disease is the most apprehensive problem in aquaculture as it can lead to high mortality in aquatic organisms and massive economic loss. Even though significant progress has been accomplished in therapeutic, prevention, and diagnostic using several potential technologies, more robust inventions and breakthroughs should be achieved to control the spread of infectious diseases. MicroRNA (miRNA) is an endogenous small non-coding RNA that post-transcriptionally regulates the protein-coding genes. It involves various biological regulatory mechanisms in organisms such as cell differentiation, proliferation, immune responses, development, apoptosis, and others. Furthermore, an miRNA also acts as a mediator to either regulate host responses or enhance the replication of diseases during infection. Therefore, the emergence of miRNAs could be potential candidates for the establishment of diagnostic tools for numerous infectious diseases. Interestingly, studies have revealed that miRNAs can be used as biomarkers and biosensors to detect diseases, and can also be used to design vaccines to attenuate pathogens. This review provides an overview of miRNA biogenesis and specifically focuses on its regulation during infection in aquatic organisms, especially on the host immune responses and how miRNAs enhance the replication of pathogens in the organism. In addition to that, we explored the potential applications, including diagnostic methods and treatments, that can be employed in the aquaculture industry.

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Correction: FADH2 and Complex II

Ambiguity alert.png
FADH2 is shown as the substrate feeding electrons into Complex II (CII). This is wrong and requires correction - for details see Gnaiger (2024).
Gnaiger E (2024) Complex II ambiguities ― FADH2 in the electron transfer system. J Biol Chem 300:105470. - Β»Bioblast linkΒ«
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