SUIT-003 Ce1;ce2SD;ce3U;ce4Rot;ce5Ama

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SUIT-003 Ce1;ce2SD;ce3U;ce4Rot;ce5Ama



Abbreviation: ceS

Reference: B Steinlechner-Maran 1997 Transplantation

O2k-Application: O2

A Advantageous alternative protocol: SUIT-003
SUIT protocol pattern: complex cell coupling control protocol (ceCCP)

R;L;E format_ce1;ce2S;ce3U-

R;L;E format 1R;2S;3U-.jpg

Cell coupling control protocol

Step Respiratory state Pathway control Comment
ce1 ROUTINE ce Living cells, ce, are in the ROUTINE state of respiration. Mitochondria of dead cells (dce) without substrate are in a state of ROX.
ce2S R+SL ROUTINE (R) + S (SL) dce are in state SL. ADP should be added to stimulate mitochondria in dce to the OXPHOS state; see 1ce;2ceSD;3ceU;4ceRot;5ceAma.
ce3U E+SE ET-pathway (E) + S (SE) ce and dce are in the ET-pathway state.
ce4Rot ROX+SE ROX+S (SE) ce are in the ROX state, dce are in the ET-pathway state.
ce5Ama ROXAma ROX

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