SUIT-003 Ce1;ce1P;ce3U;ce4Glc;ce5M;ce6Rot;ce7S;1Dig;1c;2Ama;3AsTm;4Azd

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SUIT-003 Ce1;ce1P;ce3U;ce4Glc;ce5M;ce6Rot;ce7S;1Dig;1c;2Ama;3AsTm;4Azd



Abbreviation: cePMGlc,S

Reference: C SUIT-003 Coupling control protocol and respirometric cell viability test (CCV protocol) without oligomycin.

O2k-Application: O2

SUIT-category: cePMGlc,S
SUIT protocol pattern: complex cell coupling control protocol ce1;ce1P;(ce2Omy);ce3U;ce4Glc;ce5M;ce6Rot;ce7S;1Dig;1c;2Ama;3AsTm;4Azd

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