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Pesta 2012 Abstract Bioblast-mtGlobal

From Bioblast
Pesta D (2012) Mitochondrial Global Network - From a young investigator's perspective. Mitochondr Physiol Network 17.12.

Link: MiPNet17.12 Bioblast 2012 - Open Access

Pesta D (2012)

Event: Bioblast 2012

Dominik Pesta

The Mitochondrial Global Network (mtGlobal) aims at providing a WorldWide information platform for scientific mitochondrial organizations and mitochondrial research consortia. An important by-product of such a networking initiative could be the development of a competence platform, a platform where work groups come up with their core competences and techniques. These can generally be derived form already existing webpages and publications, but could be structured to be easily accessible by other investigators. Like this, visibility of concentrated mitochondrial competence from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa,... would be apparent and accessible for the scientific community. From a young investigator's perspective, this could bring considerable benefits to the fields:

  • Visibility of the field with respect to the scientific community; when applying for scientific funding worldwide, partners would be at hand (e.g. within the European Union, partners from non-European countries are mostly welcome as associated or third countries);
  • Partners for possible cooperation would be chosen based on scientific excellence, which would gradually increase scientific quality in a research environment which has long gone global;
  • This initiative would also be of great value for young investigators to foster exchange of ideas and students (e.g. transfer of ideas via master/PhD students).

This platform could be a way for the community to move closer by exchanging ideas and know-how but at the same time it would open up the field to a new dimension of collaboration, also for investigators from different fields. Funding on an international level will gain importance, this platform could be a first step to join forces.

β€’ Keywords: Mitochondrial Global Network


Affiliations and author contributions

Department of Cellular & Molecular Physiology; Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA; Email: [email protected]