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Oroboros 2012

From Bioblast


Oroboros 2012

Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem

Light in the Powerhouse of the Cell

First place - Houska Award

OROBOROS Research & Development

  • The O2k-Lab in the MiPArt Gallery: Innovative development as a convergence of science and corporation.
Left to right: Erich Gnaiger, Katrin Stecher, Mario Fasching, Andrea Eigentler, and Katharina Stelzl

Date Location-Country-IOC
Mar 15-16 Innsbruck, AT: IOC66 O2k-Fluorescence

First series O2k-Fluorescence Module , as an add-on to the O2k-MultiSensor system.

Apr 02-04 Sydney, AU: IOC67
Apr 11-16 Schroecken, AT: IOC68
Apr 26 Vienna, AT: Houska Award 2012
Apr 27-May 03 Obergurgl, AT: Symposium on Healthy Aging
May 04-05 Madrid, ES: FEAM Spring Conference
May 07 Madrid, ES: IOC69 O2k-Fluorometry Workshop
May 11-12 Heidelberg, DE: Klinische MitochondrienMedizin und Umweltmedizin
May 29-30 Barcelona, ES: IOC70 O2k Workshop
Jun 13-16 Washington DC, US: Mitochondrial Medicine - UMDF Meeting Capitol Hill. Bethesda - Oroboros Exhibition
Jul 06-12 Cambridge, UK: 5th MiPsummer School on Mitochondrial Physiology. FEBS Workshop,
Jul to Aug Mt. Chacaltaya, BO: AltitudeOmics 2012: High altitude study
Sep 08-11 Santiago de Compostela, ES: FEPS 2012: Joint FEPS and Spanish Physiological Society Scientific Congress. Including a session on 'Advances in Aging and Mitochondria Research'.
Sep 15-20 Freiburg, DE: European Bioenergetics Conference - EBEC 2012
Oct 26-27 ลรณdลบ, PL: Conference on "Polyphenol plants extracts with anti-platelet and cardioprotective properties - FLAWOPIRYNA"
Nov 02-05 Bejing, CN: 9th ASMRM and Chinese Mitโ€™ 2012,
Nov 06-09 Shanghai, CN: Post-conference O2k-Workshop IOC71 - held by Dr. Erich Gnaiger and organized by our distributor Zenda LLC
Dec 05-10 Schroecken, AT: International O2k-Workshop IOC72
Dec 10-12 Tyrol, AT: Bioblast Conference 2012 - Mitochondrial Competence