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OROBOROS support
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O2k-Open Support

MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: O2k-Open Support 


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OroboPOS-Membranes, FEP 25 µm; 40/Pck.

Abbreviation: FEP-membranes

Reference: Product details and purchase information

Storage of OroboPOS-Membranes

  • The OroboPOS-Membranes are stored in the boxes containing originally 40 membranes per package. Each transparent FEP membrane (TEFLON® FEP) is sandwiched between two white circular paper covers, which prevent the FEP membranes from sticking together. A FEP membrane can be used only once and must not be placed back into the membrane box after use. Close the membrane box carefully after removing a membrane, and avoid any external contamination of the unused FEP membranes stored in the box. Under these conditions, the storage time of FEP membranes is practically unlimited without expiration date.

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