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Open innovation management

Open innovation


Oroboros Instruments integrates the concept of open innovation in terms of (i) our Open access approach to the O2k-Manuals, O2k-Protocols, O2k-Publications and open dissemination of methodological and scientific concepts in O2k-Workshops and on the Bioblast wiki, and (ii) the open exchange of ideas and expertise through the WorldWide O2k-Network of Oroboros Reference Laboratories. For us, open innovation is an expression of Gentle Science.


Our open innovation management is minimally bureaucratic, is not complete nor comprehensive, but attempts to acknowledge explicitly the contributions to technical and scientific innovation and documentation. We want to encourage Oroboros O2k-Users to participate and benefit from this concept on cooperation and feedback in science. Ideas, technical and scientific questions and answers communicated on O2k-Open Support are selectively posted on our website. Comments and evaluations may be added with links to results that emanate from the steps taken with the support by open innovation.

Chinopoulos C: Magnesium green method for measuring ATP production

HU Budapest Chinopoulos C The introduction "Use of Magnesium Green 5N hexapotassium salt to measure ADP-ATP exchange rates" on the [[Magnesium green page was written by Christon Chinopoulos. His group were the first to apply Magnesium green with the O2k-Fluo LED2-Module.

Hickey AJ: O2k-Fluo

Fluorescence-Control Unit lettered.jpg

NZ Auckland Hickey AJ Tony Hickey was the first to implement optical sensors for O2k-Fluorometry through the window of the O2k-Chamber rather than through an additional port drilled through the stopper (Hickey 2012 J Comp Physiol B). This avoids complications of oxygen leakage and trapping gas bubbles in the chamber and minimizes optical disturbances originating from the rotating stirrer. This concept has been implemented in the O2k-Fluo LED2-Module in the project MitoCom. Upon series production, Oroboros Instruments sent a free O2k-Fluo LED2-Module to the lab of Tony Hickey. Tony Hickey continues collaborations on further developments of the combination of high-resolution respirometry and O2k-Fluorometry. Tony Hickey provided the initial contact to the company producing the LED considered most promising for measuring NADH fluorescence. His group is testing the O2k-Fluo Module Module with alternative light sources for specific applications.

Neufer PD: Measuring mitochondrial membrane potential in permeabilized fibers with TPP (and more)

US NC Greenville Neufer PD

  • Measurement of mitochondrial membrane potential in permeabilized fibers with the O2k-TPP+ ISE-Module required the introduction of the sample into the O2k-Chamber after calibration of the TPP+ electrode. Re-oxygenations should be achieved without catalase in the medium, thus excluding the option to titrate H2O2. The usual method of opening the chamber, however, disturbs the calibration of the TPP+ electrode. Solutions for both problems were initially described by Peter Lin Chien-Te and incorporated in recommendations for measurement of mitochondrial membrane potential of permeabilized fibres.
  • Peter also wrote a note about running DatLab on Apple computers.

Bouillaud F: Using the O2k-NO Amp-Module with various electrodes from WPI

FR Paris Bouillaud F Oroboros Instruments developed the stoppers included in the O2k-NO Amp-Module for applications with WPI 2 mm NO electrodes. Collaboration with the group or Frederic Bouillaud ensured that the stopper accommodates all 2 mm type amperometric electrodes from WPI (NO, H2O2, H2S).

Brewer GJ: HRR with attached neuronal cells

US IL Springfield Brewer GJ » High-resolution respirometry with attached neuronal cells

  1. Jones TT, Brewer GJ (2009) Critical age-related loss of cofactors of neuron cytochrome c oxidase reversed by estrogen. Exp Neurology 215:212-9. »PMID: 18930048 Open Access«
  2. Jones TT, Brewer GJ (2010) Age-related deficiencies in Complex I endogenous substrate availability and reserve capacity of Complex IV in cortical neuron electron transport. Biochim Biophys Acta Bioenergetics 1797:167-76. »PMID: 19799853 Open Access«