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Open access

Open Access and Gentle Science

Published scientific information – largely supported by the society - should be accessible in general, without separation of privileged ‘rich’ institutions and limited access in underdeveloped countries. Open access and open-source initiatives should be supported in the spirit of Gentle Science.

Open Access publication is available for educational purposes, and is not to be used for any commercial application. This guideline conforms to the principle of Open Access, for world-wide scientific distribution. If this particular Open Access approach may be considered contradictory to some outdated commercial interests of scientific publishers, and if such publishers disagree with the presently proposed approach, we will not provide any further information to such commercially oriented and restricting scientific publishers.

Gentle Science Open Access must emphasize the quality of publications - Quality Open Access Market

Primary aims

  1. Summarize relevant information on the present state of discussion on 'open access publishing',
  2. Collect some critical reviews on these sources of information,
  3. Extend the discussion in the spirit of Gentle Science,
  4. Generate a comprehensive list on open access publication in mitochondrial physiology, if a conclusion is reached.

Some well-known facts

  • Particularly young scientists may be forced to prioritize high-impact publication for securing progress in their career, which then places considerations on open access at a low rank.
  • Some open access journals have higher publication fees compared to non-open access journals, to be covered by the authors. This leads to different ratings of 'open'.
  • Some scientists complete and publish their theses (PhD and other), without ever facing in their education any discussion on 'open access publication'.

Some links to Open Access

Open Access, but same impact

  • To add information (continue the discussion, suggest links etc.) you may log in or send us information by Email; in any case, please contact MitoEAGLE (Email: mitoeagle@imed-ac-at).