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Wu 2022 Neuromolecular MedWu Z, Ho WS, Lu R (2022) Targeting mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation in glioblastoma therapy. Neuromolecular Med 24:18-22. 34487301
Esselun 2020 Neuromolecular MedEsselun C, Dilberger B, Silaidos CV, Koch E, Schebb NH, Eckert GP (2020) A walnut diet in combination with enriched environment improves cognitive function and affects lipid metabolites in brain and liver of aged NMRI mice. Neuromolecular Med 23:140-60.2020PMID: 33367957 Open Access
Hagl 2016 Neuromolecular MedHagl S, Asseburg H, Heinrich M, Sus N, Blumrich EM, Dringen R, Frank J, Eckert GP (2016) Effects of long-term rice bran extract supplementation on survival, cognition and brain mitochondrial function in aged NMRI mice. Neuromolecular Med 18:347-63.2016PMID: 27350374
Asseburg 2016 Neuromolecular MedAsseburg H, SchΓ€fer C, MΓΌller M, Hagl S, Pohland M, Berressem D, Borchiellini M, Plank C, Eckert GP (2016) Effects of grape skin extract on age-related mitochondrial dysfunction, memory and life span in C57BL/6J mice. Neuromolecular Med 18:378-95.2016PMID: 27455862
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