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Nature Conference 2019 Xiamen CN

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Nature Conference 2019 Xiamen CN

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Xiamen, CN, 2019 Apr 08-11. Nature Conference on Cellular Metabolism.

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Natureconferences (2019-04-08) MitoGlobal

Abstract: Nature Conference on Cellular Metabolism, Xiamen, China, 2019


Xiamen Aqua Resort
Wetland Park Wuyuan Bay, Xiamen
Tel: +86 592 508 9999

Scientific Committee

Sheng-Cai Lin (Xiamen University, China)
Ana Mateus (Nature Metabolism, UK)
Christoph Schmitt (Nature Metabolism, Germany)
Vesna Todorovic (Nature, USA)


» Nature Conference on Cellular Metabolism: Programme
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» CN Shanghai Zenda, the distributor of Oroboros Instruments in China, is a Gold Sponsor of the Nature Conference on Cellular Metabolism

Oroboros at Nature Conference 2019

Oroboros Seminar

O2k-Workshops and Events

Post-conference O2k-Workshop

April 12, full day O2k-Workshop
Further details » click here

Oroboros exhibition

CN Shanghai Zenda and Oroboros are looking forward to welcoming you at the booth at the Nature Conference on Cellular Metabolism.

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